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Annual Christmas Sale is Here!!!

11/24/21- It's that time of year again and our annual Christmas sale is back starting now and running through January 2nd. Take advantage of discounts on all purchases. Just enter the appropriate code from below that applies to your order to get the proper discount. 

xmas10 - 10% off on all purchases under $100

xmas30 - 30% off on all purchases from $100-$399

xmas45 - 45% off on all purchases from $400-$999

xmas50 - 50% off on all purchases over $1000


 New French Marine Infantry Packs & Update!!!

We now have two new packs available for our Napoleonic line. The French Marine Infantry also sometimes called the Infantry of the Navy that Napoleon formed into two divisions of Marmont's VI Corps during the 1813 campaign. They are available in a pack with shako (here) and one with bicorne (here). Use the links to see next to the hat types for pictures and details or check the New Items section for all our recent releases including these new packs. 

11/24/21- Update: For the Marine Infantry in Bicorne pack we have become aware of a defect in one of the molds of them that causes tiny balls of pewter to form on the figures. If you have any of these that you cannot fix please contact us and we will send replacements at no charge.

New Ancient Pack!!!

We now have a new pack for our ancient line, 2nd Punic War Generals. This pack includes Hannibal, Hasdrubal, Syphax, Scipio, Fabius & Massinissa.

New 15mm Samurai!!!

7/26/21- We are proud to announce that we have two new 15mm Samurai packs for sale! They are a Drum Carried By Monks with Nun Drummers & a Drum Carried by Ashigaru with Samurai Drummers. Check out each link for details.


Discount Codes:

For orders between $100-$399 enter coupon code Large100 to receive 20% off of the total of your order. 

For orders of $400 and above enter coupon code Large400 to receive 40% off of the total of your order.