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Welcome to OldGlory15's Current Sale is Wars of America!!! Army Raffle winner is William Ehret of PA, USA!!!

Welcome to OldGlory15's       Current Sale is Wars of America!!! Army Raffle winner is William Ehret of PA, USA!!!

5/31/24-We will now be running a monthly raffle. For every $100 spent you will receive an entry to win any starter army pack of your choosing found on our website. Drawings will be held on the first Monday of each month.

5/24/24- We have a new highlight sale. From now until June 9th all packs in our American Revolution, War of 1812, Mexican American War and American Civil War lines will be 10% off. This is in conjunction with any bulk discount codes you may be eligible to use as well that can be found at the bottom of our home page. Don't forget that this is the final weekend of the Quality Castings lines Sale.

We are also happy to announce that we have some new items for sale. We now have Morgan's Riflemen that contain a Morgan figure, along with generic Riflemen with and without command. We also have a Banastre Tarleton figure that can be purchased individually or now as part of the American Revolution British Generals pack.

To make finding the packs you are looking for easier please remember to keep using the categories bar on the left when shopping from a desktop or tablet or at the bottom of everything if you are using your phone.

One other quick note on the new site. If you wish to pay by credit card, during checkout select paypal and that will bring up several options including credit or debit card payment since paypal is also our credit card processing service.

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New American Revolution Packs Available!!!

New American Revolution Packs Available!!!

5/31/24- We have some new packs available for our Old Glory American Revolution Line. They are Morgan's Riflemen along with Generic American Riflemen with or without command and a new Banastre Tarleton figure. Tarleton will always be available in the British Generals Pack going forward but for those who don't want to buy the whole pack again he's also available as an individual figure for a limited time.

Discount Codes

For orders between $100-$399, enter coupon code Large100 to receive 20% off of the total of your order.

For orders of $400 and above, enter coupon code Large400 to receive 40% off of the total of your order.

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