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New Highlight Sale, Dark Ages & Medievals!!!

9/3/21- We are starting a new two week sale. This time we will be highlighting our Dark Ages & Medieval lines. All figures in the Dark Ages & Medieval lines as well as the Late Romans will be 10% off through September 17th. Also included in this sale are the Field of Glory starter armies from the Decline & Fall, Oath of Fealty, Storm of Arrows, Swords & Scimitars and Wolves From the Sea supplement books. Don't forget you can still use our bulk discount codes found further down the homepage in conjunction with the sale and that you can get the Seven Years War sale til midnight of the 3rd.

New 15mm Samurai!!!

7/26/21- We are proud to announce that we have two new 15mm Samurai packs for sale! They are a Drum Carried By Monks with Nun Drummers & a Drum Carried by Ashigaru with Samurai Drummers. Check out each link for details.

More New Black Raven Foundry 15mm Fantasy Packs!!!

7/2/21- We now have two more new Black Raven Foundry 15mm Fantasy packs available. They are a pack of Undead Zombies and a pack of Dungeon Accessories. Please see the product listing for additional details.

Black Raven Foundry New Faction, Forces of the Apocalypse!!!

7/2/21- A Thousand Years ago a rift opened into the world. The fanatic warriors of the God of Light marched to stop the hellish forces emerging from it. Victorious they marched into the rift intent on confronting the King of Hell himself yet as the last warrior crossed into the rift it closed behind them. A millenia has passed and the rift opens once more and the warriors have returned. Now though their minds are warped and their bodies swollen by the dark powers of the rift. They are the Host of Baal Gul'dan, Harbinger of the Apocalypse and just the speartip of the Forces of the Apocalypse. (Technical note, these are large figures and stand a head above a normal 15mm figure, see the pictures in the product listings for the size difference.)

Price Increase!!!

6/25/21- Sadly for the first time in a decade we have had to raise the prices on our miniatures. Due to a drastic increase in the cost of the metal we use to cast our figures we have no choice but to increase our prices immediately. Thank you for your understading.

1806 Saxons, New Packaging!!!

We now have 1806 Saxons available. To be fair these are the 1809 Saxons repackaged to 24 count bags. Our sculptor also thickened the bases of the infantry slightly to make them more sturdy.



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