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New Highlight Sale, Wars of America!!!

9/16/22- Starting on September 16th we will be running a new two week sale. This time we are going to be highlighting our various lines that involve the 18th & 19th century Wars of America. This will include our American Revolution, War of 1812, Mexican American War and of course American Civil War lines. All packs in the these lines will be 10% off until September 30th at which time a new sale will begin. Don't forget that you can also use our bulk discount codes found at the bottom of our homepage in conjunction with the sale and that you can still get the Dark Ages & Medievals Sale til midnight of the 16th.

New Bulk Bases Packs Available!!!

6/3/22- We are proud to announce the release of new bulk packs of bases. You can find them in the new Bulk Bases section of our website. They contain either 96 or 72 bases per pack and are just $21.00 each.

New Viking Pack, Lagertha & Viking Shieldmaidens!!!

3/21/22- We are happy to debut a new Viking pack of Lagertha & Viking Shieldmaidens. This pack will be a bit different as it encompasses the individual figure of Lagertha (next to the standard bearer in the bottom row of the picture below) as well as a standard bearer with 22 melee warriors and 12 archers. It's everything you will need to put a unique unit on your gaming table for just $20.00

New American Civil War Packs!!!

3/4/22- We are happy to announce two new packs for our Old Glory American Civil War line. The first is the Stonewall Brigade that comes with 48 figures that include 2 command sets as well as an all new Stonewall Jackson figure. The other is the Irish Brigade that also comes with 48 figures and 2 command sets along with a Chaplain Corby figure. The Irish brigade will also feature 2 standard bearers in each command set as well as the only place in our catalog where you can now find a drummer boy. Please note that the figure on the far left of each photo below is from one of our old ACW Command packs to show that the new sculpts are right in size comparison to the rest of the line.

Changes to the Battle Honors Napoleonics!!!

1/7/22- Unfortunately we have had to make some tough decisions regarding our Battle Honors Napoleonic lines. Due to the fact that the molds are aging and it is becoming a longer process to make 48 count packs we have reduced the pack counts to 24 Infantry, 9 Cavalry or 3 Guns, 12 Crew for Artillery and placed the price at $15.00 per pack. While this does increase the cost on a per figure basis it will allow us to lengthen the life of the molds and still allow the lines to be availaible for those who wish to purchase from them. Thank you for your understanding.

New Tent Sets Available!!!

We now have two new sets of tents available. We have a pack of ACW tents and a pack of Napoleonic tents. You can see bigger pictures and purchase them with the links here for ACW and here for Napoleonic.


New Ancient Pack!!!

We now have a new pack for our ancient line, 2nd Punic War Generals. This pack includes Hannibal, Hasdrubal, Syphax, Scipio, Fabius & Massinissa.


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