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New Sale:

Here is the one many of you have been waiting for. Starting October 6th on Oldglory15s.com we will be running a new two week sale. This time we will showcase the battle of Leipzig (1813). All figures in the Old Glory Napoleonic line will be 10% off through October 19th. On October 20th there will be a new sale for a different battle. Also don't forget that you can still use our normal bulk discount codes of 20% off for orders over $100 and 40% off for orders over $400 in conjunction with this sale. Remember you can still get the Ancients sale till midnight of the 6th when the new sale kicks in.


Discount Codes:

For orders between $100-$399 enter coupon code Large100 to receive 20% off of the total of your order. 

For orders of $400 and above enter coupon code Large400 to receive 40% off of the total of your order. 

New Releases!!!

We have several new releases out on May15th.

VS08A & VS08B - Dismounted Gothic Heavy Cavalry with and without command respectively

LR14 - 4th & 5th Century Late Roman Legionaries

LR15 - 4th & 5th Century Late Roman Armored Archers

SS28A & SS28B - Successor State Mid-Era Armored Galatians with and without command respectively

SS29 - Successor State Elephant Guards

SS30 - Cretan Archers (new look based on recent achaelogical evidence) Old pose still available in SP07

SS31 - Successor State Horse Archers

SS32 - Successor State Medium Auxiliary Infantry (Thureophorai)

SS33 - Successor State Light Javelin Cavalry

For any of the above just enter the product code (i.e. SS33) in the quick search bar to be taken right to the item.