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Highlight Sale, Napoleonics!!!

4/9/21- Starting on April 9th we will be running a new two week sale. This time we will be showcasing the Old Glory Napoleonic lines. All figures in our Napoleonic lines will be 10% off through the end of April 23rd at which time a new sale will begin. Don't forget you can still use our normal bulk discount codes found at the bottom of the home page for 20% off on orders over $100 and 40% off on orders over $400 in conjunction with the sale. Also you can still get the Age of Chariots sale till midnight of the 9th.

1806 Prussians Are Here!!! Sale for them Ends on March 31st!

3/1/21- The 1806 Prussians are finally in and ready to go. Check them out here or in the New Items section on the left. All packs in the range will be 10% off through the end of March. This range is complete at its release with all Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery & Generals available.

New ACW Packs & the American Revolution, War of 1812 & Mexican American War Repackaged!!!

2/12/21- We have several new packs in our American Civil War range. The new packs are mostly artillery as we have added 6# Field Guns, 12# Howitzers in six guns and twenty four crew packs as well as 24# Howitzers, 14# James Rifles, 10# Tredegar Rifles, Blakely and Whitworth Rifles in packs of two guns and eight crew for just $7.00. In addition we came across the old masters of the original Old Glory ACW single piece cavalry figures from thirty years ago and have put them in new molds. You can get a pack of cavalry with sabers or a pack with pistols and carbines in the usual sixteen count cavalry packs. Check the new items section in the left column for all the details. Finally we have repackaged our American Revolution, War of 1812 and Mexican American war lines down from 48 count to 24 count packs for $10.00.

Discount Codes:

For orders between $100-$399 enter coupon code Large100 to receive 20% off of the total of your order. 

For orders of $400 and above enter coupon code Large400 to receive 40% off of the total of your order.